sexta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2008

Gosh .. I'm father again !

Yeah baby, take your strings , take your tripe and leave me !
I said, just leave me 'cause this highway is mine !
Together we got some crazy love, but you look sad
And I'm not here to say that my arteries are dead.

Come on, let's cross all these rivers
they seem to bleed
I don't care about the time
I got my anger to feed

Fiz uma música neste instante ... mais rápido que miojo ....

Ps. I'm a fucking GUNBASS player ! ...

3 comentários:

k e l disse...

GUNBASS player... u'r crazy but it looks like u.!


Anônimo disse...

traduz pra mim entaum essa musica

Anônimo disse...

opa anita ai em cima